Our major products and services:
>> Pallets made to order: The material for making products per client's demand on size and load is all imported Kenpas .
>> Design and packaging of wooden boxes for exported machines: These include various types of tooling machine, special machine, moulds
and processed products.
>> Design and packaging of wooden boxes for heavy machines: These include gantry miller, CNC lathe, large CNC processor, cutter, cold (hot)
press and hydraulic press (the machine packaging is made with wooden or iron bottom).
>> Vacuum aluminum foil packaging for articulated equipment: These are packed with rust-proof bag or high strength aluminum foil.
>> Design, packaging and planning recommendation of machines to be moved to other factory:Wooden box design and planning, container
arrangement, fork lift and hoist cooperation.

>> Trading of imported woods: Kenpas, North American fir and plywood.

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